When Sam Newland started Wrecking Ball, he recognized that we had to be better than the competition. We had to offer contractors and the public a greater degree of professionalism and customer service than they were used to. 

That's why our motto is: "Cleaner. Safer. Faster."  On time and on budget.


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With our commitment to professionalism and safety, we strive for consistent results based on the highest standards.  We offer:

  • Building and structural demolition
  • Selective demolition
  • Tenant Improvement demolition
  • Comprehensive floor removal services
  • Hazardous material (Lead and Asbestos) abatement services


Check out our latest work and see how Wrecking Ball Demolition can work for you.

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Whether you need a full-scale building tear down, a residential property demolished or a snap-line surgical removal, Wrecking Ball Demolition can do the job!  We schedule to meet your needs - 24/7.